About us

I live in a beautiful part of my country called Morava with a rich history, natural resources and diverse culture. For those of you who had the opportunity to look beyond the borders of Czech Republic, will certainly agree that what diverse Moravian heritage fitted in such small size are worthy of our attention. Not every country or region is full of Chateaus, religious monuments and interesting architecture, Floodplain forests, natural parks, navigation channels, a protected area with rare flora and fauna, the county which offers an abundance senses as much as we have at home in Moravia.

My mission is to share this beauty and local stories with people who want to open their hearts, engage the senses and explore the beauty of Moravia with admiration and humility. Who will seek to meet real people who grows their wine, care about vineyards and produce wines of local and world quality with a passion and love for their home and culture. I draw attention, invest my energy, passion and time to make the jewel of Moravia available for everyone so more people will learn about its existence and beauty. Each month something new is happening here, which is worth the attention. Landscape changing its shape during all four seasons and brings surprise all the time. This beauty is here waiting for you and makes me feeling as part of extraordinary culture in a small country in the middle of Europe. Over tens of minutes you find yourself in a completely different place with the local language, customs and traditions. How different is SLOVÁCKO, Mikulov, Lednice-Valtice area, Znojmo, or areas Velkopavlovicka in contrast to Brno or even Prague and other regions of Czech Republic. Each wine region of Moravia is described by a different kind of soil, the variety of buildings and monuments architecture, dialects, traditional costumes, songs, nature, and other history that undoubtedly shaped the culture of these micro-regions.

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Wineries started by the Romans grew during the period of Great Moravia; region survived various attacks of Turkish army and was with certainty tasted also by Napoleon’s troops and the council monarch and representatives of religious orders who have stayed in Moravia. Beginning of the last century brought the country a difficult period of two world wars. Morava experienced on their territory disputes and the struggle of the Habsburg monarchy, exempt by Romanian and Russian armies during the Second World War and suffered from the political persecution of the communist regime, which especially touched private tradesmen, artists, Local intelligence, members of other political parties, landowners and religious people and their families.

Czech and Moravian are rich not only in history, architecture, art, natural beauty, but our wealth is also in folk culture and especially in people who are fond of this country and are proud of their region a place close to their hearts. Each of us chooses angle view of the world. My view is full of admiration by which I look at South Moravia, her wealth, crops, skills of local people, and also a story that for centuries have been maintained and are retold to future generations during the wine tasting in the cellar, or local celebrations and festivals.

Discover them together with us.